Green Christiania Model Light Cargo Bike
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Green Christiania Model Light Cargo Bike

Ride in style in the classic Christiania Light Danish Cargo Bike! Take the kids to the beach or park. There's plenty of room for sand toys and a picnic basket! Perfect for grocery runs, quick trips to the library and school drop off/pick up.  A favorite feature of this design is that the kids are in front of you so you can keep track of them, and everyone can continue chatting en route! A fun way to get outside and get around with the family! 

  • Box is painted marine grade 8 mm plywood
  • Built in bench w/storage underneath
  • galvanized chain
  • Aluminum rims 24" x 1.75  
  • Michelin Protek E bikes tires are standard
  • The turning radius is only 15 3/4  feet


  • Shimano nexus seven speed: With this system, you have low gears that come in handy for hills and heavy loads and the high gears for flat areas and higher speeds.

Brakes on front wheels

  • Mechanic Disc Brake System: Most classic models come equipped with mechanic disc brakes. Includes black finished calipers, a black lever with red parking function and with 160 cm heavy duty rotors. The mechanic disc brake consists of a wire and calipers so it is simple to adjust and maintain.

Classic handle bar

1 Bell 

1 Y Belt 

1 Bench lap belt